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Building and cross-compile tutorial

Disclaimer: This article is still a draft. You may find errors of various nature in the text below. In any case, if you follow the instructions below, you are doing it at your own risk! ;) So, I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to cross-compile a few projects of mine to a couple of different embedded platforms. It’s been a little painful, but in the end I succeeded, so I think it’s an experience that worths sharing… Also, I lately found that the compilation and linking processes are not fully understood by a large part of “youngsters”, so I’d like to start from the very beginning.

About Me

So, let me tell you something about me… I graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Florence (Italy) with a master a thesis about particle filter–based visual tracking. After that I worked at Visual Information and Media Lab (VIM), a research group within Multimedia Integration and Communication Center (MICC), a national center of excellence led by Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo. I stayed there for four years, getting my Ph.D. degree.

Oh no! Yet another tech blog?

Yes! I had the idea of a tech blog about C/C++ programming a few years ago, but always procrastinated for various reasons. The most important: I am lazy. But now I feel I really have something to write, so… here I am! And here it is my brand new tech blog. I will write about C/C++ programming (though I guess there will be more C than C++), but also Linux, SQL and some other thing… Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition… who knows?