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Oh no! Yet another tech blog?

Yes! I had the idea of a tech blog about C/C++ programming a few years ago, but always procrastinated for various reasons. The most important: I am lazy. But now I feel I really have something to write, so… here I am! And here it is my brand new tech blog.

I will write about C/C++ programming (though I guess there will be more C than C++), but also Linux, SQL and some other thing… Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition… who knows? I will probably use this blog as a reminder, so to avoid forgetting things that I only use every now and then. But I also have in mind some small article and tutorial, so… come back if you are interested!

P.S.: I am not a web developer, though I sometimes have to get my hands dirty with web programming. However, just as a challenge, I decided to use Hugo to power up my site. You may experience a few problems in the first months, and surely the website will change its look many times. Basically, this is a test, so please be patient!

Modified on 06 / 12 / 2014

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